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Chloe has been in the Aesthetic industry for the last 10 years, before starting her own business she worked alongside doctors in Harley Street treating many celebrities and royalty. Chloe then went on to starting her own business in aesthetics because she has such a passion to make others feel confident. Her ability to understand every clients needs and deliver the desired look seamlessly has turned Chloe into a top of the mind choice in the UK. Chloe is always  up to date with the latest treatments and with the most innovative techniques.  Chloe is dedicated to her clients and has clients worldwide who travel from the likes of USA, France and Spain to have their treatments with her! Chloe then went onto gaining a teaching qualification when the interest sparked by her signature techniques! Chloe also starred on ITVBE television show Absolutely Ascot performing treatments! She is a trusted professional in the industry. 

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